Introduction to the Battle for the Ballot project

With our banners held high 

About the march from Middleton to Manchester to join the reform meeting at St. Peter’s Field. Read more about this song

Dust of St Peter’s Field 
A song about the Peterloo Massacre 1819. Read more about this song

Half a dozen demands 
A song about the Chartist movement. Read more about this song

A song about suffragist Hannah Mitchell. Read more about this song.

Paint this Prison 
A song based on suffragette prison diaries. Read more about this song

Election Day (1929) 
This is a song about going to vote at the general election in 1929 the first time that men and women could vote on equal terms, after the vote was won in 1928. Read more about this song. 


A song inspired by the Match girls strike of 1888. Read more about this song

Build us something more 
A song inspired by the post-war consensus and the creation of the welfare state and NHS in 1945.


Quiet Loner

Through 2016 Matt Hill (aka Quiet Loner) was songwriter-in-residence at The People’s History Museum in Manchester, UK. This site contains the blog about the residency along with information about the show and album that sprang from it – The battle for the ballot.

The project was supported by a grant from Arts Council England.

The album

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